Theme Of Isolation In The Yellow Wallpaper

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The minds of humans are very complex. Parts of the brain can cause one to harm themselves when pushed over the edge. Long periods of isolation is a great example of this. Isolation prohibits one major thing and that is human interaction. Human interaction is essential to every person whether one believes this or not. The needy feeling most people crave has to be filled. When put into isolation, everything is taken away except that feeling. That feeling is what drives people insane. In The Yellow Wallpaper, Jane, the main character, is put into isolation due to “nervousness” now known as postpartum depression. Likewise in the article “How Extreme Isolation Warps the Mind”, Sarah Shourd explains her experience in incarceration and how the situation she was in drove her to the extremes. Although isolation is often used as a healing or teaching tool, extended amounts of isolation could drive the human mind over the edge. The effects of isolation are detrimental to the mind itself. Humans seek attention so when entered into isolation, this feeling takes over when nothing else is there. In the semi autobiographical short film, The Yellow Wallpaper, Jane excludes herself from the world and enters a place of solitude trapped inside of a mansion. As the night comes, the fact of being alone really sets in. She begins to see shadows and …show more content…
As shown in the short film, The Yellow Wallpaper, Jane was caused to be stressed and worried due to the effects of isolation. By her seeing and hearing unusual shadows and noises, it brings unbearable stress. This is the result of minimal human interaction and the needy feeling taking over. Also in the web article, Shourd explains that she experienced and still experiences dementia that causes her to forget things and have common nightmares. In saying this, isolation affects the brain in more negative ways than