Theme of Loneliness in Brave New World Essay

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Loneliness What is it like to be alone? Not having anything to do type of alone, but not having any friends or relatives alone? What is it like to be talked about and given disapproving looks by every single person you walk by? Sadly, Mr. Savage and Mr. Marx knew that feeling all too well. Throughout the book, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, their loneliness was revealed. That is why loneliness is one of the major themes in Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Mr. Marx is an alpha plus. However, his size corresponds with his type. “He stood eight centimeters short of the standard Alpha height and was slender in proportion,” (Huxley 64). No one knows the cause of his stunt, but people speculated that alcohol was mixed in with his blood surrogate. His personality does not help Bernard’s social life at all either. Bernard hates not feeling any real emotions. He despises soma because he dislikes the feeling of fake happiness. “I want to know what passion is,” she heard him saying. “I want to strongly feel something,”
(Huxley 94). .He wants to feel something different, something more meaningful but he cannot figure it out like his just like his friend Helmholtz. Because of his feelings and size, people talked about him all the time. They thought he was an odd person. When Mr. Savage showed up in London, people finally started treating him nice, but they don’t really like Bernard. They just used him to see Mr. Savage. Their true colors showed when Mr. Savage refused to go to a party. “The men were furious at having been tricked into behaving politely to this insignificant fellow with the unsavory reputation and the heretical opinions,” (Huxley 173). They went right back to talking about Mr. Marx just like they had been. At that point, Bernard realized how alone he really was the whole time. Mr. John Savage was a Caucasian male living on a Native American reservation. He was different and that is how the village treated him. His mom also slept with all the village men (“everyone belonged to