Theme Of Loneliness In William Faulkner's A Rose For Emily

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The 1930 short story, “A Rose for Emily” written by William Faulkner is about a girl named Emily, who figures out what loneliness feels like. At the beginning of the story her father tragically died. Emily met a man named Homer Baro, who she fell in love with. Homer expressed to his friends that he did not want to be married. Emily was desperate to never be lonely again, so she killed Homer. Homer's body was not found until the death of Emily at the end of the story. A grey hair on a pillow beside Homer showed the audience that Emily slept with her beloved man every night even though he was dead. Over all, Emily killed Homer because she did not want to feel lonely again, it would keep her reputation safe, and she knew she could get away with it. Emily could not bare the thought of being lonely again so it …show more content…
While this may be true, but why else would she buy arsenic. This is stated on the page, “Like when she bought the rat poison, the arsenic.” On page it shows Emily buying poison “‘I want arsenic.’ The druggist looked down at her. She looked back at him, erect, her face like a strained flag. ‘Why, of course,’ the druggist said. ‘If that’s what you want. But the law requires you to tell what you are going to use it for.’ Miss Emily just stared at him, her head tilted back in order to look him eye for eye, until he looked away and went and got the arsenic and wrapped it up.” Emily did not have any rats, and she demanded that it was stronger than plain rat poisoning. In addition, Emily could not even admit what she is using the arsenic for even if she was breaking the law. In conclusion, Emily had to be the one to kill Homer. It is proven by her drive to feel as if she had someone. Also Emily had to find a way to keep her reputation good in society's eye. These situations create a strong emotion so, Emily investigated a perfect way to get everything she wanted. Better yet, Emily knew she would not even get in