Theme: World War Ii and Amon Goth Essay

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A. This frame represents two things; the hanging of Amoth Geoth and the triumph of good over evil. This takes place at the end of the film, after the war has ended and the discrimination finishes, with this frame comes the end of all the horror. Amoth represents the evil and the discrimination in the film, he is hung to the death and power is restored to the greater good of civilization.

B. Spielberg has in cooperated a long shot with an eye level angle in this frame. He uses and eye level shot in this for the audience to witness the event as any person would in real life. The use of the long shot implies importance on the background, which is empty signifying that there is no more to the Nazi and they mean nothing now. A feel of triumph is achieved.

C. In this frame there are two things; Amon and the gibbet. Amon is placed directly down the center and nearer to the bottom of the frame, this suggests that Amon is insignificant and powerless the fact that he is facing the camera tells the audience that Amon is inviting complicity and is still blinded to the real world. There is light in the frame but non of which reflects of Amons face; this indicates that there is no more hope for the man and the audience realize the evil has ceased

D. There is only non diegetic music in this scene. A slow paced violin overpowers the actions on the screen. With the hanging of Amon the violin mood or rhythm is not impaired creating a sense of huge…