Theme B Essay

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Theme B Essay
When someone asks to say or write a paper about something that comes out of the person writing and then it will be the truth. Sometimes the paper will not be the easiest paper to write. It becomes hard because the person writing has to think about what makes the person who they are what they write will be true because what the write comes out of them. In the poem “Theme for English B” the speakers instructor ask him to write a paper that’s comes out of him because then will what he writes will contain the truth. Although speaker does not write the poem in the most expected way he does successfully complete the assignment because he gives personal information.
The speaker completes the assignment his teacher assigns with success because he gives information about himself which he believes make his identity. For example in the beginning of the speaker’s paper he reveals “at twenty-two my age in Winston-Salem,” (2). When the speaker says how old he is it gives something personal which comes out of him. When something comes out of the speaker he said that then it will be true which makes the speaker state the truth when he says he is twenty-two. Secondly after the first couple of lines in the speaker’s paper he write “I feel, see, and hear you, Harlem” (13). The speaker believes that what he hears, sees, and feels make him who he is which are all thing that come out of him. All the things listed are the truth because it comes out of him and those are all thing things that make him part of Harlem and Harlem part of him which is the truth. Finally he accomplishes the assignment because he gives personal information.
The speaker accomplishes the task given to him by the teacher because he states facts and things he likes. Firstly after the speaker talks about Harlem and New York he says “Well, I like to eat, sleep, drink, and be in love,” (16). In the quote the speaker give personal information about himself which are things he enjoys doing. By the speaker identifying activities he likes to do it demonstrates the truth because there is no reason to lie on a paper that is