Themes in Destroying Avalon Essay example

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Kate McCaffrey’s novel “Destroying Avalon” is a very revealing text that is highly recommended for parents and teenagers to read. This novel teaches teenagers and parents the consequences of bullying over the cyber world and how it affects not only the victim but also the loved ones and even the bully. This is displayed by McCaffrey’s interesting plot structure. “Destroying Avalon” draws the attention of teenagers as it has great use of suggestive and unique language techniques. The subject matter of “Destroying Avalon” is Bullying, in the form of Cyber Bullying. The themes conveyed in this text are the consequences of bullying and belonging. This helps the reader consider how bullying affects the victim and how belonging is …show more content…
Sukey is Avalon’s first friend, she introduces her to the rest of the group. Sukey is powerless at home, her alcoholic mother verbally and physically abuses her. During primary school she could feel superiority by picking on people, when Avalon arrived she was jealous about her looks, how Marshall liked her and that she would of been popular. “I could escape Mum and her drunken fits and hide behind my keyboard....... I didn’t have to be a reject, I could be powerful.” Sukey was unpredicted culprit as she wanted to dominant and forceful although she seemed as a shy and quiet girl at school. Marshall and Sukey are two of many characters in the book that should convince parents and teenagers to read this text as it demonstrates that it’s not always the stereotypical person who bullies or gets bullied and the utmost consequence bullying can have on victim,.

Kate McCaffrey uses a wide range of language styles in this text such as authentic cyber, emotive and descriptive language. The techniques used to attract teenagers are cyber abbreviations with some explicit words which are apart of this generations vocabulary to describe other people. The poignant and expressive language used to help the reader to comprehend how the victims are feeling for example; “I took the razor & rug it into my arm. The blade sunk into the skin & it was so painful. Blood shot out like an explosion. I felt