Theodor A Woman In The Empire's History

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Theodora was born around 497 C.D.E, the location is unknown. Theodora is known as “probably the most influential and powerful woman in the empire’s history”(Johnson Lewis). The information found out about her is from Procopius’s works. The three works Procopius mentions Theodora in includes: History of the Wars of Justinian, De Aedificiis, and Anekdota, or Secret History. Theodora is well known for assisting with women’s rights, defending her empire, and having a large say in making certain decisions.
Her father was a bear trainer in the Hippodrome. Theodora was then an actress and mime that performed in the Hippodrome with many men spectating. Acting was not respected, and the title was also known as “prostitution”. As an actress, she met