Essay on Theodore Roosevelt

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Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt was born in New York into one of the Dutch families which had settled in America in the seventeenth century. At eighteen he entered Harvard College and spent four years there. After leaving Harvard he studied in Germany for almost a year and then went straight into politics. He was elected to the assembly of New York State, serving three one-year terms from 1882-1884. Roosevelt after that still continued in politics by unsuccessfully for mayor of New York City in 1886. In 1888, he campaigned for Republican Presidential nominee Benjamin Harrison. When Harrison won the election, he appointed Roosevelt to the U.S Civil Service Commission. Roosevelt was reappointed to the commission by Democratic President Grover Cleveland in 1893. As commissioner, he worked hard to enforce the civil service laws with other parties and politicians who wanted him to ignore the law. The only evidence that there is, is that Roosevelt sent a letter to Cleveland requesting him to investigate the Anthracite Coal Strike, but to reach an agreement the wishes of the coal operators and miners had to me taken into account regarding the composition of the commission. But there also is the evidence that the employee pass to the U.S. customs house in New York, might be Roosevelt’s.
J.P Morgan

John Pierpont (J.P.) Morgan was born in Hartford, Connecticut on April 17, 1837. His father, Junius Spencer Morgan, was a prosperous financier, with holdings in America and Europe, who taught his son form an early age how to manage the family assets that he would someday inherit. He was educated at Boston’s English High School, and then he enrolled in Germany’s University of Gottingen. By the time he was…