The Life Of Theodore Roosevelt

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When Theodore Roosevelt was born he was a sickly and underweight baby soon after his birth he got a baby brother named Elliot to make a total of three siblings, him, Elliot, and their older sister Bamie. In only a few years it seemed apparent that “Teddy” would never be a very healthy person. Hs “abundance of natural energy” made no difference to the fact that his chronic cholera morbus and asthma were so bad as to leave him indisposed for days at the time. During these periods of idleness he read going through two or three books per day and managing at the very least one when he was well. It might be because of this that Teddy became so interested in nature collecting any natural object that caught his fancy. He once saw a seal skeleton lying out at a market and saved money up as so he could buy the skull of the animal. This skull made its way into the “Roosevelt Natural History Museum” a cabinet that Teddy filled with his finds. A few years more finds Theodore in his teens and interested in hunting, ornithology, and even taxonomy. Just before the family sets off for a trip down the Nile river he goes hunting and is amazed by the fact that while his companions can aim at seemingly nothing and bring down a quail or buck while he is unable to see anything to shoot. This is remedied by giving the boy his first set of spectacles and opening up the world to him. The whole trip takes around a year and a half to complete and leaves Teddy much the better for it. His asthma is less active and less severe while his thin body has filled out and become thicker. His health is so much improved that his parents decide to send him to Harvard for collage alone and unaided to finish his education which had been started by tutors at home. While at school he studied law rising to become one of the highest in his class after only two years of his six. While he was at collage he met his future wife Alice Lee. He immediately became infatuated with her and was determined to woo her no matter what. In his fifth year they were engaged happily. They year he left school is the year they were married and moved to a York Brownstone house. Theodore now was overcome by a tremendous restlessness that could not be contained. He went out west to hunt buffalo. His trip lead him to Dakota where cattle ranching had started up recently. The ranch life called to something in him and he decided to start his own ranch out in the badlands. He stayed out west for almost two years before leaving the ranch in the capable hands of his assistants and returning home to his wife. The time spent out west had improved his health to such an extent that some could not recognize him as the man that had left. Shortly after he ran for and was elected as an assemblyman for New York State legislature. Though he bulled his way to legalizing several laws his term as an assemblyman made no real and lasting change. He might have put more effort in if Alice Lee had not been pregnant at that time with their first (and only) child. The night Alice was to give birth Teddy was reluctantly called away for an assembly. Theodore got a message from Elliot soon after which contained the news “there is a curse on this house. Mother is dying, and Alice is dying to.”Theodore rushed to the station to get a train to take him the 145 miles that separated him from his wife. That same night Alice lee died in Teddy’s arms from Brights disease soon after giving birth to her daughter Alice Roosevelt (baby lee). She died shortly after his mother had compounding the devastation to the young man. He invariably packed his bags and headed west again for another period of ranching and hunting. It seems that this was the only way to deal with the pain that he could think of at the time for he had contained his grief and anguish inside himself while in the city. The death of two important people signaled both the end and also the beginning of a new chapter in his life. When he returned he was not a sad grief