Theodore Roosevelt: A Great Leader

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Action is more important than words. It is very important for a leader to have a personality that comes with a large amount of confidence and the motivation to get things done. Theodore Roosevelt believed that the best leaders should be well educated academically, but a leader must also have a great amount of experience. People that come without a source of higher education and important experience are usually found to not succeed in their leadership. Leadership is defined as ‘the action of leading a group of people or an organization’ to gain the same goal (Oxford). Any goal can be accomplished by working together and having no quarrels between each other. A leader creates a feeling of positivity and guides others to reach a specified goal. Theodore Roosevelt was known as a politician, a soldier, a conservationist, and a world leader. Theodore Roosevelt was one of the greatest leaders because of his courage in battle, his motivation, and his commitment to protecting Americans. Roosevelt’s courage in battle has made him one of the most well-known leaders. First, he was the leader of the reorganization group of Republicans in New York's state legislature. Theodore Roosevelt later then worked as the president of New York City's Board of Police …show more content…
Teddy Roosevelt was known for his motivational speeches. He was also known for his peaceful negotiating skills in times of war. People see him as one of the greatest leaders because he demonstrated his patriotism and determination to see things through which helped motivate and led people to keep pushing forward. There was also an assassination attempt made against Theodore Roosevelt during a speech where he was hit by a bullet. He fought through the pain and stayed to finish his speech for the people. Teddy Roosevelt pushed away his own health, shows us how great his motivation personal motivation