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Theodore Roosevelt- O:
• “Manhood and Imperialism” (1899)
• Primary Source
• Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27, 1858 into a wealthy family in New York City.
• Graduated Harvard College in 1880 Wife is Alice Hathaway Lee.
• In 1882-84, he was elected to the New York State Assembly, and then spent two years on a ranch he owned in the Badlands of the Dakota Territory, after his wife and mother passed away.
• In the early 1880’s politician Theodore Roosevelt contain various methods on expanding America, he had tried ranching in the Dakotas.
• He became assistant secretary of the naval in 1897, under President William McKinley.
• In 1898, he prepare for war with Spain, by sending the American Pacific fleet to the Philippines.
• During the Spanish American War,organize a cavalry regiment known as the Rough Riders, for service in Cuba.
• In 1899, he ran for governor in New York, and eventually became president of the United States.

• Theodore Roosevelt’s goal was to bring the United States out its isolationism and make it the United States responsibility as a work power.
• His speech applies men, those who don't obtain education, however, contain a basic understanding of America and their accomplishments, which are the middle class.
• He states that men must take concern on education, so that the false view of the Monroe Doctrine can be eliminated.
• The Big- stick policy was regulate through Roosevelt, dealing with Latin America.
• He supported Panama’s secession from Colombia in 1903, which led to the construction of the Panama Canal.
• In addition, he added an aftermath on the Monroe Doctrine. Stating that the United States will interfere with foreign intervention in Latin America.
• He transformed the U.S. Navy into international force at sea.
• In 1904-05, he led negotiations to end the Russo-Japanese War
• Won the Nobel Peace Prize.
• Traded diplomatic recognition with Japan to gain acceptance of the ongoing U.S. presence in the Philippines.

• Roosevelt believed that America should have international affairs and that the president should contain enough power to use force to back up his diplomatic negotiations, which i believe went against the separation of powers.
• During this time period, the Spanish- American War had began in 1898.
• Roosevelt had became colonel of the First U.S. Volunteer Cavalry
• “It is an evil thing for any man education to forget that education should intensify patriotism, and that patriotism must only be shown by striving to do good to the country from within, but by