Theodore Roosevelt's Speech On The Monroe Doctrine

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Theodore Roosevelt once said "Speak softly and carry a big stick" during his speech on the Monroe Doctrine, in reference to how to handle foreign policies. It is very similar in meaning to the proverb "The iron fist in the velvet glove". The quote means to be neutral to others but at the same time be able to defend yourself if necessary. This quote is still seen through modern times, It can be seen in the most innocent form of how to discipline a child, dealing with employees, or as how to deal with foreign issues. When used in the sense of discipline, you could either "speak softly" and explain what mistake and or problem was committed, or you could "carry a big stick" and place consequences onto the negative actions of one. Both methods aren't very effective on their own, but when balanced out, they could make for a good disciplinary action to problems. A child will not behave just by you asking nicely nor will it behave if it believes your actions to be unjust. Therefore by stating the issue and placing a small punishment, the child will then act better. This quote even comes into play on how our police forces react to …show more content…
If this does not work and the threat persists, we then go for a less peaceful resolution till the issue has been dealt with. An example would be the embargo placed on Cuba due to their communistic ties and beliefs during the U.S.'s containment strategy to stop the spread of communism throughout the world. Since the embargo's establishment in 1962, Cuba has faced economic issues and poverty amongst their citizens and have only seen a minimal change in the loosening of the embargo since its