Theology: Catholic Social Teaching and Economic Justice Essay

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3). Roman Catholic social teaching is meant to share teachings, raise questions, question current beliefs and to challenge one another in the faith of the world. It also is meant to help one discover themselves. In no way are these teachings commandments but with them, we look to exchange new views. Together people test their views of Gospel and Church teachings. Also, these teachings can reveal problems in our society as well as offer new solutions to them.

4). Three reasons CST maintains that human work has inherent dignity-
--> Principle way for which people exercise human capacity for self-expression and realization.
--> Way for humans to fulfill material needs.
--> Enables people to contribute to well-being for larger community.
Work is not just for oneself but for their family, the nation, and the community.

5). Roman Catholic teaching fully supports rights of workers and the association of unions to secure fair wages and working conditions. The Church believes they have the right to strike only when it's the only available means to receive justice for workers. The Church believes that union management is responsible for the good name to labor unions as a whole. Union members must contribute to well-being of the whole community and should avoid demands that would damage the common good and rights of those who are more vulnerable in society.



8). Ethics is a branch of morality. In a comparison, morality is the internet while ethics is a website within the internet. Someone could have good ethics while their overall morality isn't grounded. No one has perfect morality except for God because he is good and perfect in every sense. Roman Catholic teaching is…

9). Seven themes of CST:
a). Economic Justice
b). Regard for Poor
c). Common Good (community)
d). Dignity of Human Person
e). Human Rights & Obligations
f). Solidarity
g). Participation

10). Economic justice makes sure everyone has equal opportunity rights when doing business. This justice makes sure everyone is held to the same standard, and has the same access to information in the business world. There are three components of this justice that are violated in our society every day. Contribute justice is known as the legal component and it involves the ice of what you contribute to society such as taxes, duty and allegiance. Currently, the Church would argue that our tax system isn't progressive enough as the rich find loopholes to alleviate taxes which stems away from the CST theme of giving to the poor. Second, distributive justice is what we get from our society such as rights and protection. Even today, blacks and Spanish Americans aren't receiving the same opportunities in economy as there is much discrimination. We're working toward a universal healthcare, however, not everyone has the same opp. for health. Finally, commutative justice is the respect we owe to one another. It's evident to