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Essay When celebrating church it all revolves around the same thing, and it is God. No matter if you’re Catholic, Christian, Jewish, or Lutheran we all come together as a community and worship God. I recently have gone to a Servite Mass and a Christian church and they both have lots of similarities, but also many differences. I feel at the Christian service I relate to it more and feel like I am accepting Christ. But at the Catholic mass I feel like I am doing the same routine over and over again which draws me getting bored of mass. Christian churches are more of a modern style and do things different each time. One thing that is different from catholic worship is that, there’s a band and it’s more of a Christian rock feel to it. With Catholic mass it’s boring and keeps me not focusing on the real picture, But with Christian Rock band I feel more modern and I can relate to it more and I really enjoy it and get the real picture through. At Catholic mass it’s just a piano and just slow for me. I just enjoy the band more and when people enjoy something the interest level kicks up. This is perfect for church to keep young men interested.
Also with Christian church the Eucharist is way different than how Catholics celebrate it. In the Catholic Church to take the bread and wine people must have had reconciliation. For Catholics the Eucharist is very special which it is considered a sacrament. For Christians it not of a big of deal as it is for Catholics. Any people who attend that service can have the bread and wine. I think for Catholics it means more because you’re accepting Christ into your body, but either one is still special.
At both services, both the priest and the pastor talk about the bible reading they read during the service. For