Theories: Design and Citizen Architect Essay

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Rural studio originally created by sam mockbee, former proffeso at auburn university, has been a hot topic for a few years now. It is a new way of teaching design studio in architecture schools that focuses ona design/build curriculum. It engage the students socially in the contex with which they will be designing while subiminally enstilling Sambo's idea of the citizen architect in each and every commnity. Due to the fact that most rural studio projects take place in poor unkept neighborhoods, many of the studio's have to fundraise and seek funds from both the university board and ultimately the government. Nonetheless, I find that in the end, rural studio and its various projects tend to benefit not only the students, but the community with wich ultimately derserves funding. the main purpose of rural studio is to raise up a generation of citizen architects. According to Sambo and a few other citizen architects, architects of today are not honest. They dont adress the actual problems and factual issues that exist within communities. Design Studio courses today tend to teach theortical projects that work in theory but arent actually heavily based on reality. "The world isnt going to look like Dubai..." yet studio continues to teach as if it is rather than focus on how to design for communites. THe citizen architect is one who designs in such a way that takes the social implications of their design into account. Often it is beleived that being a citizen architect is about…