Theories: Ethics and Drug Companies Essay

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Kantian- Yes they should have a moral obligation
Purpose of drug is not good intent
Effects on people being tested could be harmful
Self interest
Testing the new drugs to those who can’t afford them after the test would not be ethical according to a Kantian
The drug companies are not treating humans with equal moral worth because they are going overseas and using people who don’t know any better and taking away the product that is healing them just to offer the drug to those who can afford it.
According to the categorical imperative, if all drug companies offered this action, it would be a problem to human society
Because everyone would be tested by the drugs and more and more people would struggle to purchase the drug after being tested
It is also not fair for the drug companies to go offshore to test the drugs that were designed in the U.S. just to by pass the FDA restrictions.
Some drug companies don’t even sell their drugs in the country the drug was tested in.
Medication tested quickly so they can release this on the market

According to W.D. Ross, obligations are formed in every human relationship
Drug companies are testing the new drugs to only benefit themselves and treating those who benefit from the drug unjustly by taking away the drug.
The drug companies are not promising these individuals anything because studies have shown the drug hasn’t been tested on animals yet and the people giving the drug have no structure outcome of what is going to