Theories Of Criminality Essay

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Theories of Criminality


The rising cases of crime have raised an alarm in the field of sociology and criminology. Focusing on the main cause of crime, professionals in this field, based on their own assessment and theories of criminality, have settled on possible conclusions and recommended policies which if well applied can bring clear understanding of the increasing cases of crimes in the society. As compared to other theories such as contemporary trait theory, social control theory, rational choice theory and social conflict theory though more applicable to certain forms of criminality, strain theory best explain criminal behaviors, (Weinberg, 1955).

Strain Theory

In a smooth-running society cases of deviance are very minimal because there are enough resources or means that people can use to achieve the stated common cultural goal. Ranging from material possession to money, the possible means for their attainment
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Actually, most of the crimes committed are as a result of strain theory and therefore much emphasis should be placed on this theory to help curb the increasing cases of criminality, (Agnew, 1995).


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