Theories Of Disability And Social Model

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Theories of Disability and the Social Model
Dr. Hernandez Jozefowicz

Reminder: The midterm includes content from the readings, powerpoints, and lectures. This document is intended to be a guide. This means that content from the guide may be on the exam, but will not necessarily be on the exam. It also means that content from the above sources that does not appear on the guide may also be on the exam.
Human Development
What are the 3 primary aspects of personality articulated by Freud?
What are his stages of development?
How did Ann Freud elaborate on the Psychodynamic Model? What were some of the psychological processes she contributed?
How did Erikson elaborate/change Freud’s theory?
What are his stages?
What is the epigenetic principle?
What is social learning theory?
What is a schema?
What are the two processes Piaget identified in his Cognitive Development theory?
What are his stages of cognitive development?
What are Crate’s 5 stages?
How does disability affect human development?
Conceptualization of Disability
What is Disability Studies?
What is the old disability paradigm? What are the pros and cons to the old paradigm?
What versions fall under the new disability paradigm? What are their components? What are the pros and cons?
What are the 3 ways to view disabilities rights as a civil rights movement?
What disability does NOT mean?
What are the 9 variables of the disability paradigm as articulated by the authors?
Academic Debates and Political Advocacy
Why were the first policies regarding disability created?
How did academics contribute to new ideas regarding disabilities and disability studies?
What is vocational rehabilitation?
What are the areas where people with disabilities have faced discrimination?
What is structural versus attitudinal/psychological discrimation/oppression?
During the 70’s, what strategies were used to bring attention to issues facing those with disabilities? What areas did it impact?
What is ADAPT? How did it relate to deinstitutionalization?
What is ADA? What are its titles?
What became the focus of improving the quality of life for individuals affected by disabilities?
What are some of the components of the empowerment approach to disability?
Disability Laws, Policies and Civil Rights
How were people with disabilities treated during the Middle Ages and what were some of the labels they received?
How did the understanding of disability evolve during the Renaissance period?
What were the Elizabethan Poor Laws of 1601? How did it impact persons with disabilities?
How did the industrial