Theories of Personality Essay

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Theories of Personality

The famous person I choose is Vickie Lynn Hogan (November 28, 1967 – February 8, 2007) famously known as Anna Nicole Smith. Born into an unstable environment with 5 half siblings their father left when she was a baby and her mother took care of her. I personally like Anna Nicole Smith but I believe her personality would be Narcissistic and borderline at times. Psychiatrist Dr. Natalie Maullin said Anna Nicole Smith had Borderline Personality Disorder ( However, the trait theory I chose was The Big Five (Five Dimensions of Personality Costa and McCrae) I chose this theory because of the research I have done and just knowing her from TV. The main traits that would describe Anna would be Emotional stability (Neuroticism) and Extraversion (sociability) I choose theses because she could be very stable at times in her life and in an instant become very unstable. She was a wild person and no one could tell her any different. At times, she could be very sociable and at times, she could be very depressed.

I believe the absence of her father had a lot to do with her behavior she did not have any real structure or discipline growing up so I believe that is what really led to her wildness. As I said earlier, her mother raised her and she had no father figure in her life, I believe this led to her stripping and her promiscuity with men as well as marring a man more than half her age. Dropping out of school at a young age, she had no one to stop her from this ridiculous behavior and the more famous she got for her ridiculous