Theories of Persuasion Essay

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SEMESTER 2 2011 – 2012

Tutor: Mr. Carl King

Group Assignment 1

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Many times we listen to speeches or appeals that play on our emotions or cause us to deeply reflect and analyze ourselves, our beliefs and what we perceive as either right or wrong. This is the power behind persuasive speech. According to the University of Pittsburg, Persuasive speech is the most commonly used type of speech. The speaker should be able to connect with his/her audience. Therefore, the speaker should be aware of what the audience likes or prefers.
The following paper seeks to explore some of the main theories
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The provision of honest work for honest pay will no doubt reduce the amount of burglaries that are presently occurring. A hungry man is not only an angry man but a desperate man. We also resolve to assist each constituency in order for them to introduce a neighborhood watch system. This will make us all our brothers’ keeper and help to once again make our homes our havens.
Another topic that is of utmost importance to the people of this country is the lack of proper housing. It is hurtful to the working class of Barbados to be unable to afford to a piece of the rock. The same rock that is built on the sweat of their brow. But that is not right! We promise to provide decent housing for our people! One of the projects that we are implementing is a large scale housing scheme for low – middle income earners. Persons working for less than $2,500 monthly will be eligible to rent to own one of these homes. We are undergoing a construction project in the St Thomas and St John areas at the moment. Soon these starter homes will be made readily available to the public. Some for purchase, others for rent. For those who can’t afford to purchase one of these homes can enter our rent to own initiative.

So fellow Barbadians as you can see we have your best interest at heart. Empower yourself…vote PEP!!

Application of Theories
‘Without jobs we cannot eat, we cannot clothe our children and send them to school.’ This quote from the speech seeks to apply the