Theory: Management and Quality Assurance Standards Essay

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Part B: preparing for an Assessment and Validation
• When co-ordinate the organization for an Assessment And Validation

1) How would you inform and involve relevant stakeholders about the external evaluation process?
I would inform the stakeholders by organizing a meeting. Also get contact to stakeholders by sending an email, having pamphlets about it/ make a newsletter. I would try on my best to work around parent’s schedules so everyone can participate.
2) How often does the center schedule interview with staff and management as part of the Assessment and Validation process?
Every 3 months they schedule a staff meeting.

3) How often does the Centre prepare all documentation for this process?
Fern Valley prepares all documentation by collecting surveys, phone interview with parents, having a suggestion box and getting feedback from parent.

4) As a student, from your observation, list 5 strategies that ensure the continuous improvement of the center and how you see these integrated?

- Review the policies
- Following the ratios
- Staff members on the phone
- Staff members not being role models wear hats

• Explain as a student how you would as a “professional educator” interpret and evaluate regulations and quality assurance standards relating to children’s services
1) Maintain current knowledge of regulations and quality assurance standards for the children’s services industry?
- I would look into detail of the regulations and quality assurance, by going on related websites.
- I would review the Centre policies; making sure staff reviews them as well.
2) Interpret and meet regulatory requirements in a timely manner within the limits of own job role and expertise?
- I would meet regulatory requirements by following the policies.
- I would make sure I know your policies/ updates/ rules.
- Having an understanding of my job role.
- By me following the regulations ( e.g. keeping children in a safe environment)

3) Seek advice from a higher authority if interpretation in not clear or possible?
- I would seek advice from a higher authority like the DECS/ phone call, or by going on their website.
- Director seek assistance from helpline, the helpline give advice on how to improve on something.
- Organize an online training for my self to improve.
- Children services central