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Freud's Theory of Personality "The Honorable member from Hell" is a Freudian slip that explains the theory of personality that Freud used. He believed that our "unconscious" really had more effect on our personality then any "conscious" thing could do. Freud's Theory of Personality is called Psychoanalysis. His theory comes together with three major points: the Id, the ego, and the superego. First, the id, Freud believed that you were born with the id and can't be changed. It is two instincts competing, the life or sexual instinct which is believed to be fueled by your libido and the aggressive instinct; which give you pleasure or pain. So, its our unconsciousness wanting instant pleasure or we receive pain or tension. Secondly, it is a battle between our instincts and wanting that instant gratification to what the demands of society can be. The ego doesn't let you go around seeking instant gratifications due to what you believe society thinks is right and wrong. It is believed the ego controls any desire for sex and aggression until you find the correct outlet for them (ie. marriage). Ego represents common sense and reasoning. Thirdly, the superego is the last layer of personality. It represents morality concerns and the little voice in your head telling you what not to do and why. Superego is a little bit of your consciousness but mostly your unconsciousness. When you do something good, such as open the door for an elderly man as he walks in the McDonalds, your superego gives you off good feelings and feelings of gratification. When you break the rules set by society, such as speeding on the highway because you