Essay on Theory& Practices on Gay Marriages

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Theory and Practices on Gay Marriages
Brenda Dragicevic
Brett Cross
May 20, 2013

During this paper we will explore some religious, social ethics and whether same sex marriage should be legalized in all states. Gay marriages bring up emotional feelings and important debates for many people leaving an argument spinning on both sides. As a Christian, I support other religious leaders according to the Bible, which is Gods own words that same sex marriages are simply wrong, therefore, I too am against gay marriages. People who consider themselves gay are fighting for the same rights as normal people the right to marry whom they choose and live what they claim is “a normal life”.
Has today’s society become weak and unethical, have we gotten too comfortable and anything is acceptable. Let me explain, what does our society say marriage is some say that it is the union between a man and women, two men or even two women. The question continues to grow stronger in the United States as to whether same sex marriages are wrong or right. Some states have legalized gay marriages; other states are continuing the fight to keep gay marriage illegal within their state. In my home state of Louisiana gay marriages are illegal at this current time. A union between a man and women is the only marriage that is legally recognized in the state of Louisiana. In the year 1973 homosexuality was to be considered a mental disorder, but today some believe that the desire for the same organ is just evil and a tool of Satan, others are still not sure. Point blank homosexuality is a sin and an abomination, so this is where the dilemma arises. Some people feel that the attitude of hate or descrimation because one is born different “is unethical”. Should homosexuals be given the same opportunity to marry in Holy matrimony, or should it not be allowed because gay marriages are not holy according to God’s word. Natural moral laws tell us that homosexuality is wrong, and religious laws have little to no value in today’s society.

I am a Christian and do not condone in such behaviors, but I understand that there are some people that claim to be Christians that do support this behavior or are homosexuals, themselves feel that Jesus, commandments to love one another more important than “reflecting on members with the same sexual desire to be with their own kind. (Thiroux, j, 1995) For example people with different moral views may argue the issue based on religious laws and Christian life. A young Christian minister speaks out to Jim Lehner, and he warns out of concern, that if homosexuals are allowed to celebrate their marriage publicly a breakdown in “values” is what would emerge in our society (Baldwin, m, 1998). We are to live a life that is Christ like; Although, Jesus was 100% human, and was tempted as we are today yet, he was pure and without sin. No one is perfect we all make mistakes but, the difference is when we out right have no regards for Gods commandments or moral laws we will all be punished in the end, what if we were punished now just as are judicial laws today, and would it make a difference, One could argue that the intimate expression of love is the result of one’s sexuality and the purpose of sexuality between two people. Some people would say that that it is wrong to accuse a homosexual as unnatural, because the relationship cannot produce an offspring. But society has stooped down and denounced our values once again by allowing same sex marriages to adopt children. Just what are we teaching these children when they are allowed to grow up in such a life style, has people really forgotten that this country was founded on Christianity. Our society surges its shoulders at this issue saying that the same sex marriages has benefits. “The Economist” (Rathus,S; Rinehart and Winston 1991) claims that same sex marriages balances a man, convinced that instead of going out men are more drawn to buying insurance and