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Therapeutic Modalities

Modality Name

What it is Used for:






Thermal Effects

Avoid high fluid regions Each ultrasound: 15­30 of body minutes Few weeks

ice massage

swelling or inflamation

thermal effects

icing for too long can cause further damage to soft tissue

15­30 minutes day of injury Ice Massage

Relieves muscle, back and joint pain also used for sprains and strains Thermal Effects

coldness, stroke
Rheumatoid arthritis, shoulder­hand syndrome

10­12 minutes day of injury shortwave diathermy

Relaxation of muscles,
Increase circulation of fluids, Better a clients
ROM, Reduce muscle spasms, Speed the healing process of tissue Thermal Effect

Avoid placing heat on bones ­Causes sharp pain Too much heat can damage internal tissues If sensitive to heat:5­10min Normal: 15­30min
Can last for weeks ­ through entire therapy session Light therapy

This type of treatment is used by physical therapists to help accelerate the healing process at an injured site.
Light therapy uses light at a specific wavelength, and involves the therapist holding a light emitting wand over the injured area.

Ultraviolet light causes progr4essive damage to human skin. This is mediated by genetic damage, collagen damage, as well as destruction of vitamin A and vitamin C in the

A few minutes each session. skin and free radical generation. ice pack

anyone who has ever sprained or twisted an ankle or pulled a muscle thermal effects

Phenomenon, Cold

15­20 minutes

Ice Massage


Thermal Effects

Bad for people with sensitivity to cold

Initial day of injury and up to two weeks after
(10­15 minutes at a time) Moist Heat Packs

muscle relaxation and reduction of pain­spasm­pain cycle

Thermal Effects

Unable to heat deeper tissues effectively

Area treated for 15­20 minutes Infrared radiation

heat parts of our body

increases the supply of mild transient oxygen, and nutrients erythema and the elimination of carbon dioxide and metabolic waste.


stimulates repair of soft produces thermal while it is relatively safe generally used