Therapies in health and social care example Essay

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Description/ how it works
Conditions/ Uses
How/ is it regulated
Qualifications needed to perform it
Is it Effective?
Risks of This Therapy
This is where fine needles are inserted into the body to mostly treat pain.
It is mostly used for conditions such as chronic lower back pain, migraines and chronic tension type headaches
There is no statutory regulation however non-medical need register with local authority.
Practitioners can also join groups which enforce voluntary regulations
Technically, none. However, if you are part of the British Acupuncture Council you are expected to complete a BSc or BA degree level training in traditional acupuncture and Chinese medicine
It is effective in some instances and is approved for use in the NHS and approved by the NICE.
In some instances needles could cause severe bleeding or puncture vital organs etc.
Side effects -
Pain where needled were applied
Bleeding and bruising
Feeling disorientated/ sick
Can worse pre-existing symptoms
Is the method of using essential oils to improve the well-being of an individual
It is used mostly for chronic pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia
Through the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council which sets standards for aroma therapists
Basic training in anatomy and physiology, and use of essential oils and massage is required
The effectiveness of aromatherapy is debatable as long term effects are unknown due to lack of research however it is shown to be effective for back pain

There are few risks to this therapy however if allergies