Therapy and Mrs. Green Pre-college Essay

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Alexis Canterbury
Mrs. Green
Pre-College Co Sec. 30
20 September, 2014

My Future Occupation

Some people set out to be one thing and end up being another. Whether it is because they did not like their first choice, and or they gave up. I do not intend to have a “job” that I do not have any interest in. I will have a career; an occupation that I enjoy doing. The career goal I am striving to reach is a physical therapist, PT for short. I have always had this dream of becoming one since I was in about seventh grade. There are so many great opportunities that I am going to have with this career choice.
People think that people who have a major in exercise science all want to do the same thing, but that is not the case with my situation­­. Being in this major can lead to many different types of people who help on and off the field of a variety of sports events. They could specialize in the many different areas of the body or know something special that could benefit you. In high school I went to Grayson tech for their sports medicine program. Being in that program helped me make up my mind by reassuring me that this is the right career choice for me. The program was fundamentally all hands on after we went through basic training. I have learned many things such as wrapping, taping, and splintering techniques of various parts of the body. ­­
When I got injured during track and field season I felt like my world crashed. I had gone to the doctor’s office and they said I would have to get an MRI. After my MRI scans came back, I found out the reaping news; I tore