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Psychological disorders have always been around and psychologists have had to find ways to help people with these by treating the emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal problems. Since disorders were recognized therapy has gotten a lot better because in the beginning there was no formal institutionalized treatment, in turn there were many cruel and ineffective techniques done by superstitious groups.
There are many ways to help people with such disorders, depending on the type of psychologist you are. A psychoanalytic therapist is a person that has completed training in Freudian psychoanalysis and such people use dream analysis, free-association, and regression to help the client (Quigley, 2009). A behavioral therapist learns about the client’s social environment that might be causing the problem and tries to change it so that they can improve their internal state (Herkov, 2006). A cognitive psychotherapist focuses on identifying the dysfunctional thinking, behavior, and emotional responses of the client. Through therapy, they help develop the skills that will allow the client to modify their beliefs (Herkov, 2006). Another way is through biological therapy where drugs and other techniques are used to help the clients. Drugs like anti-anxiety drugs, antidepressants, and lithium for bipolar disorders fall into this category (Definition of biological therapy, 2011). Finally a humanistic therapist goal is to help individuals rediscover their own self worth and inherent value. They focus on the healthy aspects of the person rather than focusing on the mental illness. These therapist are non-directive as in they don’t tell the clients what to do, or feel but rather they listen carefully to what the clients have to say and only reflect back with no judgments (Cherry, 2001).
The movie “One flew over the cuckoo's nest” takes place in a mental institution, and starts with a new patient being brought in. This new patient called McMurphy has come here not because he has a mental illness but because he wants to avoid the doing time in prison. While there he befriends most of the patients and helps them get better with their illness. For example he helped a man named Chief who in the beginning was thought to be deaf and dumb, but through their friendship he helps chief reveal that he is not deaf or dumb. McMurphy makes a bet to the other patients that he will be able to annoyed Ms. Ratched, one of the head nurses in the institute without knowing that she is the one that says if he is released or not. After McMurphy finds out about this he starts to make a scene and gets sent to a room along with Chief and another patient where the got electroconvulsive therapy. As the movie goes on, MucMurphy gets more and more troublesome for the nurses to a point where when all the nurses left, he threw a party and gave alcohol to the patients. At this party one character named Billy fell in love with a girl who joined them and McMurphy arranges for Billy to sleep with her so he will fell better. At the end of the night all the patients are passed out drunk and morning rises. The nurses come in and see what had happened and find out that it was McMuphy who did this. Billy was made to tell nurse Ratched who made him sleep with the girl and a he finally commits suicide because he doesn’t want his mother to find out. McMurphy is sent to more electroconvulsive therapy for what he did and cannot even function. Chief then suffocates him to put him out of his misery and then escapes (Hauben, 1975).
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