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There are many different ways airline companies will advertise online to capture consumers. I chose to discuss how EasyJet markets to attract flyers. First off, EasyJet is a foreign airline company that serves in the UK and the rest of Europe. It is most known for its reputation for having the cheapest flights. Having the cheapest flights leaves it open to have a target audience for young adventurers who either want to explore a new country, get away, or enjoy holiday (vacation) as the Europeans would say.
82% of EasyJet’s sales come from the internet (EasyJet). A positive of EasyJet having a website on the internet is that it enhances airline viewers to see its low prices compared to its competition. Another strength, of EasyJet is that they provide alerts through email and text messaging to help keep customers updated on their flight whether it be because of a flight change or a reminder of their flight time. This also appeals to the younger generation which is more tech savvy. Another great advertising strategy they use is by sending emails of discounts and sales on flight tickets. EasyJet is coming close to being 100% online check-in which makes it quicker and less of a hassle going through check-in lines which adds another bonus to choosing EasyJet (SWOT).
EasyJet may have great competing prices online but there are downsides to this. A negative of having most of its ticket sales online is that it strays away from the older crowd. An example of why this would stray from the older crowd would be because the older crowd is less likely to use the internet. Another reason is that the target sales are for the younger generation and most elderly folks would less likely want to travel…