There Is No Hope of Doing Perfect Research” (Griffiths, 1998, P97). Do You Agree? Essay

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“There is no hope of doing perfect research” (Griffiths, 1998, p97). Do you agree?

The statement by Griffiths (1998) that there is no hope in doing perfect research (97) has raised a few eyebrows and has become a highly controversial issue over the past decade. Reading and Writing sources (2010) defines research as a systematic examination to obtain facts. According to this definition, research is obtaining accurate, reliable information, with the use of a method. Now, how do we define accuracy and reliability in a world where human beings dominate?

In addition, research is also defined by the Google English dictionary (2010) as a carefully planned and performed analysis, searching for previously unknown facts. If this investigation
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Firstly, there are lots of disadvantages of using the interview technique. As the researcher who did the interviews, I can say that parents were reluctant to answer some of the questions, teachers withheld certain information and some pupils lied because they thought they would have gotten into trouble. These are some reasons why this research was inadequate.

In addition, during my post graduate studies, I conducted a research entitled “The importance of reading assessment and intervention from UK perspective and how it can impact on Guyana’s children”. I adapted the historical method to conduct this research. I reviewed the necessary literature and examined the history of reading from both countries perspective. However, in analysing the information I realise that the results were unsatisfactory. Primarily, interventions, which would be useful in one country, may not necessarily be effective in another.

There is no doubt that people can be successful in achieving their goals. However, there are many reasons why people conduct researches and one reason can be find answers for their personal qualms. In events of such research, biases can affect the validity of the results. Research is an on-going process and has always been known to have a gap for more analysis in all subjects investigated. This means that accuracy is superfluous in this process; thus, perfect research is indeed hopeless.