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Cellular Respiration
True or False. Correct false underlined words. Answers:
1. All organisms need energy to carry out life processes. True
2. Autotrophs make inorganic compounds that serve as food for them and for almost all of the other organisms on earth. True
3.Through the processes of cellular respiration, cells take glucose True and produce energy.
4. ATP is a portable form of energy “currency” inside cells. True
5. Glycolysis breaks down glucose into 2 pyruvates. True
6. Glycolysis occurs during the second stage of cellular respiration. False, first
7. Glycolysis is an aerobic process. False, anaerobic
8. During aerobic respiration, the breakdown of a molecule of False, 38 glucose yields a net of up to 2 molecules of ATP.
9.Fermetation takes place in absence of carbon dioxide. False, Oxygen
10. Lactic acid fermentation is an aerobic process. False, anaerobic

11. Most of the energy used by life on Earth comes form the Sun
12. Organisms that not autotrophs must consume other organisms
13. Glucose is less stable carbon compound than carbon dioxide is
14. ATP is composed of a nitrogenous base, a sugar, and 3 phosphate groups
15. carbon dioxide are produced during the cellular respiration of 2 4 glucose molecules.
16. photosynthesis: oxygen:: cellular respiration: carbon dioxide
17.When cells breakdown food molecules, energy is stored temporarily in ATP molecules
18.ATP is called a cell’s energy “currency” because ATP can be “made” and “spent”
19. When a phosphate group is removed from an ATP molecule, a substantial amount of energy is released
20. An enzyme that catalyses the synthesis of ATP is ATP synthase
21.The series of molecules that cause protons to build up one side of electron transport chain a membrane are
22. When glycolysis occurs a molecule of glucose is split
23. The process of cellular respiration breaks down food molecules to release stored energy
24. The net gain ATP molecules in glycolysis 2
25. Cellular respiration takes place in 2 stages: glycolysis, then aerobic respiration
26. The cycle is not part of cellular respiration Calvin