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There once was a girl with a special power. The power to read the future. This could have seemed extremely useful and important and made her someone with great power that would stand out and seem to be almost perfect as she would be able to utilize it in almost any type of situation and turn the tables in her favor… However it wasn’t like that at all. She soon discovered that utilizing this ability took away seven years from her life, when one day she was curious about when she would die and decided to read her own future. After this she diced to never use her powers unless it was absolutely necessary.

At school she didn’t stand out much at all and she didn’t had many friends but she was happy. She never told anyone about what she was capable of doing, out of fear they might force her to and she would die. She knew when she would die and that became one of her biggest fears: death. In her heart she sworn herself that she would never trust anyone with her secret so that she could live as long as she would.
One day however, one of her friends told her something rather dark. “I don’t want to keep on living.” He told her. “What are you saying?” she tried giggling at first, before realizing her friend was serious about taking his own life. “Don’t you dare do anything like that you hear me!” she screamed before running off mad.
That same evening curiosity and nervousness and anxiety and a bunch of other feelings begun flooding her mind. She knew she shouldn’t but she just had