There Will Come Soft Rains Summary

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How a Story Can Tell About Future of Humanity In the story, August 2026: There Will Come Soft Rains, by Ray Bradbury, tells the story of a home controlled automatically by robots, depicting the future. The house stands alone with no one inside the house. The commentary is based on the destruction of which man has caused the earth to be a wasteland. There are many reasons to show the destruction of earth, like, how no one is around, death of the dog and how everything is mechanical, but is there hope for saving nature on planet earth. In the story, August 2026: There Will Come Soft Rains, the story clearly depicts the destruction of mankind from a nuclear holocaust. The story depicts only one house standing with operational lights. Around the house, there is only ruble from the destruction of mankind. Another scary part about this is, that there is no one around only the ruble and lone standing house. And as proof there no one is around from the destruction, the story says, “Here the …show more content…
How carefully it had inquired, “Who goes there? What's the password?” and, getting no answer from lonely foxes and whining cats, it had shut up its windows and drawn shades in an old maidenly preoccupation with self-protection, which bordered on a mechanical paranoia. It quivered at each sound, the house did. If a sparrow brushed a window, the shade snapped up. The bird, startled, flew off! No, not even a bird must touch the house!”(Bradbury) The depiction of having animals still around the house still shows that life is still on earth, but it is struggling for food. The example of the bird on the window shows that life and nature are scarred from man’s destruction, but over time it will recover. This is a depiction of showing that after human life is gone, earth still remains and life and the nature of this planet still