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Jonathan greatest day ever !
Told by: Kleber Rubio
There a guy like me in every high school am the person to gang out . my name is kleber Rubio I came to this county when I was four years old .
My dad works to put my family in front each and every day.
Thank God we still are, am the type of person that like to make new friends and chill with them .I really enjoy playing soccer after school am really good and I wish I could become a great soccer player. am kinda crazy when people know me really well . like once I when with my friends to a buffet. I ate like a king that day because of dares to eat a lot my stomach did not fell well after that night I could say
Any ways it's not me I want to tell you it's this guy name Jonathan
Gabriel when I hear his name at first I thought who would have two first name it was kinda funny at first . but know I know how is he face to face he's fourteen years old . Let me tell you this story it's all starts

when he's fight was at night time from JFK to London and then to
Israel .When he arrived Jonathan family rent a car to take them to his grandma's house .He spend two weeks then he when to spend 4 days with his aunt house .In one of those days Jonathan's dad let him drive in a parking lot empty .One day he when to a lake near this aunt house the water was cold he said .On the last day in Israel there were going to the air port when suddenly there was no planes for New York those day because of the hurricane Irene so they had to spend one