There's No Benefit In Lowering The Drinking Age Analysis

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Should the drinking age be lowered? Robert Voas, the author of “There’s No Benefit in Lowering the Drinking Age” is frustrated with even the idea of lowering the drinking age. In his article, Voas takes the opposing sides arguments and explains why they don’t make sense. Opposing ideas like “if you’re old enough for war then you’re old enough to drink” or “I did it when I was a kid” (463). Voas responds to these ideas by saying that soldiers are taken at a young age so that they can be molded because they’re not fully developed but commanding officers don’t want them to drink either (463). To drinking as a kid, Voas is glad you’re alive because an average of 11 teenagers are killed every day from an alcohol- related accidents (464). Voas final …show more content…
Both article agree that lowering the drinking age is a bad idea because younger adults tend to make responsible decisions while under the influence. Both of the articles also talk about the astounding stats of death rates among college students, and the disturbing numbers of sexual assaults each year, 70,000 people are sexually assaulted in alcohol related incidents (463). Though the statistics don’t match on how many people are killed annually, Herman’s article states that 1,400 (470) students are killed every year, and Voas’ article states that 1,700 students are killed every year from alcohol related accidents (463). However this could be in part that they were written in two different years. The authors differ in the execution of trying to correct these figures however. Voas says in his article we need to keep the drinking age where it is because lowering it could have dire effects. He mention that New Zealand just lowered their drinking age and, as predicted, “the rate of alcohol-related crashes among young people rose significantly compared to older drivers” (464). However, Herman explains a different idea to try to lower the alarming stats in his article, saying that the drinking age needs to be raised to twenty-five because, “its stating just how ineffective current laws have been about curbing underage drinking”