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Sofia Alvie Salazar 1
Professor Hamid Ghalehnoii

Valuable lesson for being at school What are the valuable lesson that students learn at school? How this institution mold the character and personality of the students? Students learned valuable lessons during my years in elementary school and high school that include: how to get along with others, to organize my time and the most important student learn about respect,compassion and gratitude. First, student learned how to get along with others. Being at school is fun. It help build up the social interaction of one student to another. Everyday student communicate with their classmates and teachers. It can help improve the character and personality of young people. For example, the pre-school student ,on the first of school she might be shy or scared to go in the school. But as the day goes by she will learn to get along with other children at school. As a result, the student improve their character and learn how to get along with others. Second, the student learn to organize time. Being a student is so hard. There are many assignments and projects now in then. And there are extra curricular activity that the student need to do as well. Here in Canada, students need to have volunteer hours. They might volunteer in the library,community centre or nursing home. Also, the immigrant