Thesis: Environment and Suny Cobleskill Essay

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Alex Yacobucci

Permanent Residence
106 Suffolk Circle, Knapp Hall
University at Suny Cobleskill, Cobleskill, NY 12043

Current residence
16 Third Ave, Canajoharie NY 13317

(518)-673-8151 September 15, 2011

Mr. Special Kellogg’s
Director of Environmental Engineer.
62 Wagner street New York, NY 1673

Dear Mr. Special Kellogg’s:
You have advertised a job opening for a planner/ Engineer at Lamont Engineers in Cobleskill. As I am about to graduate from the university of Suny Cobleskill in the area of Environmental science, and Agricultural Technology I feel my qualifications should meet your requirements.

Taking strong, and motivated time has always been my academic, and career focuses. I am very hard working, and determined to find the right answer to the problem I am trying to achieve, I hold an intense work load, and work ethic. I have always tried to strive to the best in my troublesome areas, and I always come out on top. After four years of excruciating work, and experience, I have come across very challenging projects, and have made a lot of sacrifices, more than the average student. Highlights include the following.

• A one hundred, and sixty five acre complex provided me with and outdoor living and learning laboratory were I learned many valuable teachings. Used cutting edge technology consistent with the industry were it let me learn in depth about the environment, and how it works.

• An extremely