Thesis: French Revolution and Meza Prof. Cotner Essay

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Aneth Meza
Prof. Cotner
26 August 2013
Reading Journal

What caused Lewis to write the essay was that he is trying to put out his argument against the “right to happiness” and that happiness is a gift not a right. Lewis says that happiness in relationships consist of hard work and struggle and that’s true because you have to find the good and bad things in a relationship. Lewis is trying to say that we have a right to do what is best for ourselves and others. His friend and he did not agree on the situation because his friend thinks that he had to take the chance when it came. Lewis on the other hand, thinks that if you’re with someone you should stay with them no matter the reason and be faithful unless you do things the right way, by law. I do agree with him that we do not have a “right to happiness” because guys have the tendency to go out and seek “happiness” in other words (sex). Lewis thinks that sex is a gift from god and that we shouldn’t use it for pleasure when you are hurting other people. He wants us to think before doing anything that would hurt other people in an emotional way. Women tend to be more sensitive and emotional about things than guys do, therefore, women shouldn’t be just left with family on their own because some will get to the point of suicide. Lewis is right about everything because why would you want to leave a family you have for just “pleasure” or “happiness” that might even only last for a while. I think our society completely tolerates adultery because in modern world today a guy is seen as “cool” when he’s with as many girls as possible. Many people seek