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Jordan brown
ENG 111-13
HOSA A.K.A Health Occupation Students Of America acts as an academic program centered around high-school and college students wanting to go onto become a health professional. My junior year of high school I was part of this phenomenal club that introduced me to so many new things. I actually got to go on two national events competitions as well as volunteer in some of the most fun activity’s I’ve ever had. HOSA is made up of 51 state’s creating the national branch of the club. The NLC 2014 competition had over 750,000 members in attendance, which was super intense. For me HOSA was a great experience that’s going to be one of the most amazing memory I have for probably my entire life, as well as help me succeed in my future career.
I still remember my first district competition I was a part of, getting on the bus early Saturday morning. I was competing in CPR and First Aid. I didn’t really like having a partner because she didn’t really prepare for any of it, but me being certified in CPR and First Aid already I was extremely ready to begin. My partner of course let me down and we did not pass the first round. Looking back though I’m extremely glad it didn’t work out because of that loss I strived at a different competition Life Support Skills. Which was basically the same thing as the CPR and First Aid competition except it was only one competitor. I ended up going far in this competition I got passed state level competition and went onto national competition.
That first state competition was probably the most nervous I’ve been. I remember I had absolutely no sleep when we were leaving the school to go to the hotel and I crashed hard on the bus. Throughout that first day I had a lot of fun, because you know what happens when you get three boys from Yadkin County and leave them alone? Well we were idiots and ran up and down 30 flights of stairs surprisingly