What Do You Believe To Be The Long-Term Results And The Value Of Completing A Degree In Higher Education

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What do you believe to be the long-term results and the value of completing a degree in higher education?
I believe that one of long term results of completing a degree in higher education would be self gratification. It requires a lot of time effort and discipline to pursue a goal like this and being able to complete it would be extremely gratifying. Being able to then update my resume with further education will open up a world of opportunity that perhaps I wouldn’t have had prior to completing my degree.
The values of completing my degree consist of bettering my future and ultimately the futures of my children. It is important for me to know that I will be better education and therefore be able to help them as they grow. Having the degree will also help guide them down the right path to which they will hopefully decide to further their education also. The knowledge I will gain from these classes is extensive and will help me later on when it comes to choosing my career and the positions I would be able to advance to.
How can you use the tools and assessments in this course to help you in your future courses and your career plans?
I plan to take what I have learnt from these tools and assessments and use them as a guide to completing future assignments and coursework. They have helped tremendously with teaching me how to reflect on the weeks work and what I have learnt, which helps me absorb the material easier by increasing my learning ability. I plan to use the various tools to keep me on track with my goal setting and time management skills. Both of these skills are vital in order to keep me on track with my academic work as well as help me plan for my future.
Reflect on at least three of the topics covered in this class. For example: Goal setting
Setting Goals can become overwhelming when relating them to our academic work and even after school when we concentrate more on our careers and long term future goals. From all of the topics which we covered in the course, I like the goal setting the most. Prior to this class I wasn’t the best at setting certain goals and achieving them. Now I have the knowledge of SMART goals: specific, measureable, achievable, relevant and time framed which I can use in my future. The most important of these five for me is:

Understanding how each of my goals is measured and being descriptive will help me to get a better gauge of when I can start to see the results of my goal. This will also help to measure the level of performance/achievement and