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Welcome to AP World for week of October 22-26
• Homework Assignment—Due Block
• Postclassical Trade Group Quiz
• Debrief IO Trade Activity
• Change over Time thesis practice featuring IO trade

IO Trade Debrief



What were your city/region’s advantages/disadvantages in the Indian Ocean trade network? What types of goods, knowledge, and technology were you able to acquire? What made this possible?
Why might we say that the IO network was a regional network? Can we say there was a global trade network at this time (600-1450)? Why or why not? Give two specific pieces of evidence to back up your argument
What happened to the price of goods as you moved around the network?

A good thesis statement
• Addresses all parts of the question
• Takes a position on the question
• Sets out categories for discussion
• For a compare/contrast essay, specifically identifies

BOTH similarities and differences
• For a change over time essay, specifically identifies BOTH changes and continuities

Indian Ocean Trade Changed over time from 500
BCE to 1400 CE
• Why does this thesis statement not work?

Your objective is to write a thesis statement for this question • Analyze continuities and changes in the commercial life of

the Indian Ocean region from 500 BCE to 1400 CE.
• Commercial life includes not only trade, but also the social

and political changes and continuities that influenced that trade. Tables
• Use the change over time tables to create categories

related to commercial life (e.g. technologies that made trade possible, commercial organization, etc.)
• Be sure to include examples from three different regions
• Be sure to include periodization—identify the time frames

you are talking about (could include sub-periods)

Thesis 1
• Indian Ocean trade changed in the Middle East, East Asia

and East Africa due to new markets, new technologies coming from Asia, and disease.
• Does it provide a road map?…