Thesis Statement And Outline For Homosexuality And Discrimination Towards The Gay Community

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Thesis Statement and Outline

Thesis statement: Most people think that discrimination towards the gay community has stopped and heterosexuals and homosexuals are treated equally. I believe we still have a long way to go before this can happen.

Introduction: Homosexuality and discrimination

I. First main point: Public Affection
A. Supporting details
1. Heterosexuals are not looked at weirdly when showing public affection

2. Public affection like kissing is ok when you see a man and a woman doing it.

B. Supporting details
1. Homosexuals are made out to be weird and people that you should stay away from

2. Homosexuals are called names when showing affection in public

II. Second main point: Sex within the gay community
A. Supporting details
1. Sex before marriage is only excepted now and days between heterosexuals

2. Casual sex is not made to a big deal if your not gay

B. Supporting details
1.Most stereotypes blame homosexuals for spreading disease

2. Alot of homosexuals are made out to be responsible for the cause of hiv and aids.

III. Third main point: Gay Marriages
A. Supporting details 1. Some heterosexual believe that marriage is sacred between a man and a women 2. Some heterosexuals believe that it is best that children are raised in a straight household
B. Supporting details 1. Love is between two individuals that love one another no matter the gender of the two individuals

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