Thesis Statement For School Uniforms Pros And Cons

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Damien cyrus
English 3
8 December 2016
Pros for school uniforms school uniforms should be approved
A Persuasive Thesis Statement on pros for school uniforms:
Even though The main argument against pros for school uniforms is that some kids can't afford school uniforms., Uniforms make schools better because it makes kids nicer to each other and school uniforms can stop people from judging others .So do you think parents like the fact that their kids have to wear school uniforms? So breaking it down most parents think it’s great for there kids to wear school uniforms because, It helps the parents be able to shop for there kids. (Viadero) Parents also think uniforms are great because of the fact that 29 percent of kids have stopped
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Most people think it's a great thing for school uniforms studies have shown that most kids who wear a uniform throughout their years in school most of them become successful in their life. Reason people think they're more likely to be successful is because they will know how to dress if there wanted to go get a job they know not to wear just regular clothes to a job interview. Do you think kids like school uniforms in their schools? Yes because of the fact that Most kids like the fact that they only have to choose from three or four colors because uniforms only can have these colors,white,burgundy,navy blue. Kids also like the fact that they get to wear khaki pants. Do you think teachers like the fact of uniforms? Yes because teachers are saying that if kids wear school uniforms they appear to focus more on their school work. Do parents like it when there kids wear uniforms? Yes because most parents want their kids especially girls not to be wearing leggings to their school because most leggings are not appropriate for school. Also some parents like school uniforms because of the fact is that most parents aren't called because of their kids clothing because of the fact that they aren't offensives to other so that's a plus to school uniforms. One of the bad things about trying to find school nowadays is that most school who wear school uniforms are schools that are private schools and if you want to go to that kind of school it …show more content…
If a parent doesn't make a lot of money it would be hard for the student since he has to go to school 5 times a week so that means he would need more cloths because he would have to wear a uniform but,also it would cost parents more money because the student would have to keep washing his/her cloths every other day. Most kids are not comfortable in a school uniform because you have to tuck your shirt in and so this means that you might get itches because your outfit is tight. Most students also don't like the fact that kids can't demonstrate their personal sense of style. Kids have said from voting that school uniform aren't the best thing for schools. Teachers try and say that if kids have to wear a school uniform it will stop gangs from happening. Do you think students like the fact that they have to wear only three colors? No because students like the fact that they get to wear colorful clothes. Do you agree that if students have to wear school uniforms it makes it easier for students learn? No people don't think that if students wear school uniforms it makes it where students will learn easier because clothes don’t help you learn being focused helps you learn. Studies have shown that students who don’t wear school uniforms perform the same as students who wear school uniforms. A Persuasive Thesis Statement on pros for school