Thesis Statement For Texting And Driving

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Texting While Driving:
Our Nations New Controversial Issue
Thesis Statement: With the advancements in today’s cellphones and the economy’s need to stay connected, texting while driving has become a controversial issue among the National Highway Association, Drivers themselves, State Legislatures, and the law enforcement.
1.National Highway Association’s Perspective A.Senator Charles Schumer of New York proposed a ban. a.Says if states do not abide by the rule, they would lose 1/4 of their ferderal highway funds (if bill passes). b.Offers fair solution to the issue. B.Illegal limit to drink and drive has been lowered in past because of risk to cause accidents. a.Parallels can be made between drinking and driving. b.Statistics show it actually can be more dangerous. C.Reasons for National Highway to leave texting while driving bad in the hands of State Courts.
2.Drivers Perspectives differ from person to person A.Drivers have different views and therefore decide to text and drive or not based on their point of view. a.In a survey taken in my dormitory hall, 55 out of 100 students text and drive. B.”It won’t happen to me” effect C.Economy is now hands-on more than ever a.People feel they need to stay connected, mulit-task
a.Quotes that show that students feel they can successfully text while drive
1.States have the power to decide on a bad, therefore their perspectives also differ. A.Connecticut Law Review by Andrew Amendola suggests texting while driving does not play as prominent a role in distracted driving as once thought. a.Point is made that there are many distractions in the car such as doing one’s makeup, fixing the radio, programming the GPS, eating, etc. 1a.Over half a million people were injured in distracted-driving accidents
A.35 States now have a ban, which has changed from the previous number of 19 just a year ago. C.Many States have partial bans on texting laws. a.In Maryland, it is illegal to write or send text messages while driving, but one can still legally read a text message while driving.
4.The perspective of the police is generally concerned, however very frustrated with enforcement. A.No definite way to prove someone was texting while driving, yet. a.Citizens lie about texting while driving to get out of tickets, to which officers can do