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They Can No Longer Live in Fear Known as one of the last totalitarian and Stalinist countries on Earth, North Korea is one of the most dangerous countries to the world and to itself. Ruled by leaders who don’t listen to the advice given to them by their allies, North Korea instead puts their people at risk for starvation, execution, and war. While almost every North Korean citizen lives without power and with starvation, leaders like Kim- Jong Il and Kim- Jong Un put more money towards their military expenses rather than paying for their past debts or for food to help aid their citizens. In this year alone, beside the already accounted for produced crops, North Korea will need 507,000 metric tons of cereal to meet its basic food needs; however, the government only plans to purchase 300,000 metric tons (FAO Media Center). This deficit of 207,000 metric tons will lead to a great deal of malnourishment and starvation among North Korea’s people all while the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) pushes more money towards developing their nuclear arms in hopes to strike fear into the world, but primarily the United States. A country acting this radical by threatening war and harming innocent people can only be changed by new control, which is why The United States should invade North Korea and liberate its people from their harsh and captive lives.

North Korea’s people dying of starvation is not due to the fact the country is poor and cannot afford the food or that the DPRK doesn’t have time to help their people, rather a it is a sense of torture and poor funding. Vitit Muntarbhorn, a former Special Reporter on Human Rights in North Korea made it clear that “the country has the means at its disposal to feed its people and that the real issue is not the lack of resources, but the military-first policy” (Park). He also went on to claim that North Korea “has the largest per capita army and the highest military expenditures, according to gross domestic product, in the world” (Park). Evidence like this shows how the DPRK likes to move a majority of its money towards its military instead of helping its starving people. The DPRK does not even produce enough or purchase enough food to feed all of their people and instead chooses to live on without acknowledging their struggles. It has even been found that North Korea systematically hid billions of dollars in humanitarian aid during the middle of the 1990’s, while up to 3.5 million people were dying of starvation (Park). During this famine “the death rates were so high… that a truck would search street by street each morning collecting hundreds of dead bodies to bury them in mass graves (Natsios). A mass death like that is equivalent to everyone in the entire state of Connecticut being wiped off the face off the Earth. If the United States were to invade North Korea we would be able find these hidden funds by destroying their government and feed these starving people. Instead of them dying on the street to be picked up the next morning they could be inside eating a warm meal with their family. By getting rid of the military first policy and moving that money to the people who desperately need it, we would be saving thousands of lives and stopping another mass death of epic proportions.

Mass deaths like these are common in North Korea, from numerous famines and starvation epidemics to intentionally starved prisoners; death is an all too common sight. It is widely known that the DPRK, in a way, has brainwashed all North Korean citizens. Most are convinced that Kim-Jong Un is the “Great Successor” and “Supreme Ruler” who takes the utmost care for them. Through propaganda the DPRK controls their people and makes them think they save them from an even deeper starvation and from evil America. Propaganda, like the idea that while they face famines, ally China and enemy South Korea are facing even more severe cases and that they should be thankful they live in