Thin: A Documentary About Women Facing Their Eating Disorders

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“Thin” Reaction Paper
“Thin” a documentary about women facing their eating disorders. “Thin” focused on four particular women Polly, Shelley, Brittany, and Alisa. These women were all brave enough to realize they had a problem and wanted help with the exception of Brittany. Sometimes when I hear about women with eating disorders I can be unsympathetic. I just feel there are so many things in life to think about other than what people think of you. Then I had to realize media has a lot to do with the way our young women picture themselves. We all want to look like this superstar. They all see this fat, ugly person when they look in the mirror and I realized I do the same thing, if we admit it we’ve all done it. The only difference is I’ve
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In an update I read about her she did relapse and was readmitted to the Renfrew Center and was much better this go around.
Lastly, there was the spunky Polly. She could have been a great inspiration to the other girls if she wasn’t thrown out. I understand they have rules but I believe she could have possibly helped Brittany maybe be the mother figure she desperately needed. Although Polly was the ringleader in a lot of the mischief she was making progress and that right there showed you can work towards getting better. At first I read she left Renfrew and went to school for photography but sadly three years later she would take her own life.
In the end the documentary was a good insight into what goes on inside treatment centers such as Renfrew. The girls I feel were very brave to let us into their lives and share in the top layer of their disease because there is so much more than we saw in the