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Lateesha: The Onlooker
Everyday i see people across the street at that graden. People come and go different hours of the day. Why they wasting they time on that garden i couldn’t even tell ya. I see the garden getting bigger and bigger everyday. I thought about going out there and giving them a real talking to, but why waste my breath they won't listen anyways. I don't care about that stupid garden anyways, but why it gotta be right in front of my apartment for?.

I get out of work six pm every day, nine hours a shift at the quickie mart two roads down. Do i wanna work there, no this wasn’t part of my plan. Ya know things just got crazy, life took over. I had plans once upon a time. I saw myself with a husband, two little ones and big ole’ house. Sadly all my plans went straight to the ground when i met that good for nothing looser curtis out of my life. Even tho getting rid of that waste was one of the smartest decisions i've made it sent me on a down whirl spiral.

It was good in the beginning don't get me wrong, he took me out alot and he was real sweet to me. It went all bad when he started cheating on me, i told him “Curtis you gotta choose me or them”. He replied exactly how i wanted him too but i ain't no fool i knew he was still messing around, pig. I decided to get his sorry butt loose then and there.

As much as i loved him i knew i did the right thing. I was tired of my girlfriends telling me that they seen him places with other women. I mean thats just not right your man messing around and other girls have to tell you, i should've known myself. I couldn’t understand why he

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messed around, was i not good for him, what was he missing?. I know Curtis better than anyone and i know he did it all for show, he always was a show off.

The thing that attracted me first to him were his eyes. The boy did have some eyes on him, they were the kid that when you looked at him you thought he was looking right into your soul. That was one of the hardest things to get over him, oh and his body. Curtis had this effect on girls where they didn't know what they were doing, he made them feel like she was the only girl in the room. At a time i loved that quality about him, but sometimes its just hard. Noone wants to share they man. As much as i hate Curtis, sometimes i find myself missing him .

I know i had many chances to get back with him, lord knows the boy has tried a million times. In the beginning he called me almost everyday, apologizing but after i stopped picking up his calls he eventually stopped. I didn't