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The relationship between Juliet and her father is kind of rough because when her father says she has to marry Paris she refuses and then her father’s throws a wobbly and says she is a bag, by saying this Juliet’s father refers to Juliet as a bag meaning she is his possession and a burden to him and weighs him down. The Elizabethan audience would agree with her father because in the 1500’S it was normal for middle class and upper class people to arrange marriages for their daughters because they would gain something from marrying, whether it is more money, crops or a huge plot of land. The modern audience would agree with Juliet because women’s rights have moved on and arranged marriages don’t normally happen in some countries whereas in Islam arranged marriages are normal and the Muslim family will arrange a marriage for their daughter so they can make more money.
The relationship between the nurse and Juliet is very good and the nurse has known her since Juliet was born and she was Juliet’s wet nurse this means that the nurse breastfed Juliet when she was a baby no-one knows why nut that was what was said in the play or film, some viewers may think that the nurse cares more for Juliet than here own mum and when Juliet refuses to marry Paris, Juliet’s mother says “you wait till your father gets home” and then Juliet starts crying and the nurse comforts Juliet
The relationship between Juliet and Romeo is like love at first sight (as they say) because when the Capulet’s hold a ball for everybody and Romeo arrives when not invited, Juliet’s cousin says he is going to kill Romeo but lord Capulet says no because if there are any more feuds then the person or people held responsible will be banished. It is at the party where Romeo meets Juliet and it is like love at first sight and they meet through fish tank, and within a couple of days (literally) they get secretly married and that is why Juliet refuses to marry Paris. But tragedy strikes when Romeo is banished because he kills Juliet’s cousin, Tybat, Romeo avenged tubal because he killed Mercutio (Romeo’s best friend) and to escape all the chaos Juliet decides to fake her death witch is arranged by friar Lawrence and when Juliet wakes up from her deep sleep she and Romeo will run away as far as possible, but Romeo does not get the letter friar Lawrence sends him…