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Art issue, highway sculptures:
Everybody sees them as they race down the freeway, especially down the East Link. These large pieces of art you see for about ten seconds are there mostly to break up the monotony of the freeway drive but are also there to pay artists, some sculptures costing easily over twenty thousand dollars for something as simple, and to some as stupid, as a giant rams skull. There are points to make for both sides of the issue.
The people for the sculptures will say how they are great works of art and deserve to be there. After all artists can spend months or years making one of these giant sculptures, for instance the Chicago Picasso (made by Pablo Picasso) took little over a year and cost more than three hundred and fifty thousand dollars to make, but no one questions its place because it is in a museum for art. Many would argue what is the difference? Why must it be in a museum to be okay and not out on the open for all to see? Some would also argue that sort of sculpture work is not art. But who decides what is and isn’t art in this day and age. Everyone has an opinion on what they appreciate and what they don’t some are simply louder than others. Art is usually decided by some critics and half the time is judged by who painted it rather than how well the colours are done or by the picture (or sculpture in this case) itself. It is for reasons such as these that people argue about how much of a waste of money it is or how redundant and stupid these