Things About What A Typical Registered Nurses For A Career As A Nurse

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Thalia Ribeiro
Professor Bedard
Coun 151C 8:00 TR
November 26, 2014 Summary
I learned many things about what a typical registered nurse does for a living. During my interview I learned that nurses have flexible hours and get paid very well even when fist starting off. Sarah, the nurse I interviewed also described how things are very fast paced at the beginning of a nursing career but how things get easier as time passes by. By having the interview at a hospital I was able to see how hospital staff worked together to complete their duties. The one complaint she had about being a nurse was that she had to take care of rude and disrespectful patients. Another complaint she had about working in a hospital was those life or death moments that sometimes occurred with her patients. Many of her co-workers came up to me and told me a little about their jobs which was very interesting because I was able to learn about other jobs in the medical field. Sarah told me that in order to get a good nursing job straight out of college it is essential for me to work in a field related to nursing. She also told me that I should become a Certified Nursing Assistant or an EMT so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed when I start my nursing career. Working in the medical field while in school would better prepare me when looking for employment.
During the interview I felt completely interested and curious about every aspect of her job. I was able to look around the hospital and observe how the hospital