Things: Employment and Older People Essay

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PD1 – 5001 (James Smith) Employee Welfare Introduction As an employer there are implicit responsibilities that may not be covered by employment legislation nor referred to in the contract of employment, but nevertheless are necessary to support the employee/employer relationship and ensure the “Welfare” of the employee. Hanover’s Vision, Mission and Values Vision

Our vision is to be: The leading provider for older people looking for high quality retirement housing and related services. To achieve this we will need to find innovative solutions to deliver services that older people want now and in the future. To make this journey we need to be the best; * By being influential, not ordinary * By leading, not following * By having drive, energy and commitment * By putting our plans and commitments into action Mission

To support achievement of the Vision Hanover’s Mission is: to provide excellent properties and management services that support the independence and individuality of older people. This not only recognises that Hanover will inevitably be assessed according to the quality of both the properties and the services it provides but also identifies the importance of a shift in culture to ensure that older people are not over protected, patronised and do not have their lifestyle prescribed for them. We need to ensure that we do not assume we know best what residents want so must work with them to ascertain their views and give them